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Klim ToT & Drey

This EP was created in collaboration with a talented musician Sasha Drey.
Klim Tot and Drey have been on a sound exploration journey for more than a decade, collaborating from pioneering sound healing with Mitch Nur’s “Petroglyph” to creating trans inducing electronic dance music with shamanic beats and instruments from around the world. Their latest EP, “Urban Shaman” is the culmination of years delving into the magical realms of sound.

4 Tracks EP

released February 20, 2024


All tracks composed by Klim ToT( Dima Klim) & Drey.

Klim ToT – Didgeridoo, Jaw Harp, Flutes
Drey – Vocal, Guitar, String

Track 2 (Ancestors Call) – Tati Muzica (Vocal)

Mastering by Dima Klim
Artwork by Marina Bozin 
Duduk by Dmitry Soul @dmitry.soul

Hang Drum by Artur Akhmedeev @arturaxmedeev
Didgeridoo Alexey Mago @alexey_mago

Mastering by Merkaba Mastering.
Artwork by Luke Brown.

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