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Klim ToT

Multi instrumentalist artist with a passion for ethnic, ambient, and meditative sound.

Currently residing in New York (originally from Ukraine), Dima Klim has re-fined his musical skills through years of live-performance experience, including theatrical projects and an underground experimental music scene. As a performing member of Petroglyph, Abovo, Omnitribe Collective, Yantra, and Chingis Dub, Klim’s music is a reflection of eclectic taste and artistic vision. It is a creative blend of shamanic, trance, and electronic sounds.

Klim’s latest project, KlimToT, showcases his production skills and creativity, demonstrating his potential as an emerging force in combining live in-struments with electronic sounds. “ToT’s Dream” EP combines the ancient wisdom of shamanism with the modern sounds and production techniques of electronic music. It incorporates tribal rhythms, ethereal chants, and natural sounds to create a hypnotic and transformative musical experience. Klim ToT provides a unique platform for self-exploration, healing, and connection with the spiritual realm. Through its repetitive and trance-inducing nature, his debut EP on Merkaba Music aims to transport listeners on a journey of inner discovery and transcendence. Enjoy!

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