Northern Rivers . Australia

September, 22nd to 29th


Music Production Retreat Music Production Retreat

Music Production Retreat Production Retreat

Producers, music makers and creators from all over the world, join us this September for a special retreat designed to infuse your soul with the heartbeat of creativity!

Where, you ask?
In the breathtaking embrace of a remote and expansive paradise in Australia.

Embark on a journey that transcends ordinary experiences, delving into the realms of creative living, music craftsmanship, and the captivating mysteries and mythos that surround our world.

Guided by the world renowned producer & composer, Yaegon (Kalya Scintilla, Merkaba, Sonic Samadhi, Griffin Kloud), alongside special guest facilitators, we offer a truly unique holistic and integrated approach to learning and elevating your artistry.

You can expect: can expect:

Embrace the call of creativity in the beauty of the Australian bush. Fusing both practical and intuitive ways of accessing your infinite creativity.

Topics we will explore we will explore

Step into the extraordinary. Unlock the secrets of Kalya Scintilla’s sonic alchemy!



Your Teachers Teachers

Ignite your soul, ignite your sound!


Kalya Scintilla, Merkaba, Sonic Samadhi, Griffin Kloud


Kalya Scintilla, Merkaba, Sonic Samadhi, Griffin Kloud

For over 15 years he has toured the world, performing hundreds of shows in 48+ countries, bringing his signature sound to the hearts and soul of thousands.

Considered a pioneer in many ways for his unique and signature organic sound, as well as a visionary for his focus on the mystical, the mystery in all that he creates.

Fred Freeman

DMTB, Lubdub, Closer Apart, K-Oscillate

Fred Freeman

DMTB, Lubdub, Closer Apart, K-Oscillate

Fred has contributed over two decades of creative expression into Australia’s flourishing live music scene. His music projects have seen him perform at festivals across the globe, release music on pioneering labels such as Twisted Records, Moodfamily and Desert Trax and collaborate with many of his most respected peers.

A lifelong student and teacher, Fred has been professionally mentoring and tutoring in audio engineering, music production, sound design and live performance for over 20 years. 

Eve de Voke

Producer & Director

Eve de Voke

Producer & Director

Eve is an internationally recognized Producer & Director who has been both behind the scenes and in front of tens of thousands in countless theatrical performances around the world. Her formal background in professional theatre has lent her to becoming a writer and director behind the works of Kalya Scintilla, Merkaba, and Sonic Samadhi.

Producing events, coaching artists, and using the architecture of mythology to captivate the audience has been her focus for the past twenty years. Her classical style interlaced with her ever evolving archetypal themes & play with potent symbolism has been her trademark.


Private and strictly limited to 20 applicants only.

We are proud to announce a very special venue that will allow everyone to connect with each other and with nature. Nestled deep in the Northern Rivers Hinterland, this location reveals pristine and lush Australian bush with pockets of sub-tropical rainforest.

All food provided will be organic and as local as possible.

Comfortable accommodations with options for shared and private.


An opportunity to play music at a end of week celebration gathering (open to the public).

And there is more!

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters all participants will get some free and discounted plugin goodies, and the supplement/food sponsors will be stocking us up with wholesome goodness to help fuel our creative process and focus!!!

Sustainable Living Living

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How to get there:

Located 2 hours inland from the Gold Coast in the Northern Rivers region of Australia, high in the misty mountains of the southern hemisphere’s largest volcanic structure (the Wollumbin volcano) Arcoora Arts and Ecology Training Ground operates out of the former Vadjradhara Gonpa Buddhist Retreat Centre, a 20min drive north of Kyogle, NNSW.

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Food: Food:

All meals can be vegetarian and vegan friendly and will be prepared with organic ingredients and as local as possible.

Dietary Restrictions
If you have any dietary requirements please let us know so we can have the chef accommodate to your needs.
Send an email to –

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Are you ready to embrace the rhythm of your creative spirit?

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