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Klim Tot

The man behind the “KlimToT project” is Dima Klim – a multi-instrumentalist artist with a passion for ethnic, ambient, and meditative sound.

Currently residing in New York (originally from Ukraine), Dima Klim has re-fined his musical skills through years of live-performance experience, including theatrical projects and an underground experimental music scene. As a performing member of Petroglyph, Abovo, Omnitribe Collective, Yantra, and Chingis Dub, Klim’s music is a reflection of eclectic taste and artistic vision. It is a creative blend of shamanic, trance, and electronic sounds.

Klim’s latest project, KlimToT, showcases his production skills and creativity, demonstrating his potential as an emerging force in combining live in-struments with electronic sounds.

The program is in-tended to be performed with other artists, providing the audience with a more immersive and shamanic experience.

4 tracks EP

released June 1, 2023


Track 1 – Kalachakra Spirit – Kirantana Bard of the Bardos (voice)

Mastering by Dima Klim.
Artwork by Marina Bozin.

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