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Pedra Branca

The conception of Terrakota, which is a humid, clayey, organic land, as cultural diversity or even as art, can expand the non-linear vision.
Between the earth, surfaces, underground and four-dimensionality, they connect with the infinite cosmic universe, Terrakota, the clay of the cosmos.

With elements of creative ethnic fusion in worldmusic along with electronic and contemporary music, forms and elements that Pedra Branca have been developing since 2001 in a pioneering way.

Composed, produced and mixed by Luciano Sallun, he recorded sitar, mochand, oud and bouzouki, Alani Marcel on didgeridoo, Ede Lima on bass and Guilherme Nakata on drums with full formation.

The conception of cultural diversity is also reflected in the participation of Celeste Gomez Machado from Argentina on the tracks Terrakota and Tamzara, Heather Christie from the USA on the track Fire Soul, Marina Peralta on the track Transitando no Caos, Samira Audi on the track Giramundo, Carol Flora on Iapetus and Sávio Tafxo and the Satle Yaxdjo indigenous group, from the Fulni-ô ethnic group from Pernambuco in the Yeianwe belt.

14 tracks Album

released November 23, 2023


Also special participation by musicians such as Luan Frenk on violin on the track Kochab, the flutes of Ariane Rodrigues on the track Fire Soul and Giramundo, Raphael Franco on didigeridoo on the track Heyokah and Kila, Fernando Sabah on flute and Rafael Gondolfo on fiddle on the track Parabólica and Akhu , Tustão on percussion on the tracks Giramundo, Parabólica, Caipora, Transitando no Caos and Akhu, Debora Cruz on hang drum on the track Tamzara, Marin Omelka from Argentina on charango and Ejuku from Uganda on percussion on the track Kila.

The research is ethnomusicological, but also inventive and updated in music production and contemporary music. Technically, you can use different resources to compose and produce music. With the latter in mind, technology and electronic music are interlocutors in the dialogue with two ways of creating music. Firstly, traditional music and musicians, in this case understood as classical, popular or jazz. And the second is that of music producers who use technology resources to compose and produce their music.

All tracks composed, produced and mixed by Luciano Sallun (Pedra Branca).

Mastering by Merkaba Mastering
Artwork by Vini Fabretti @vinifabretti

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