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Pedra Branca is the classic master live band’s chill out, world music, downbeat style from Brazil start in 2001. Since its inception, the group has had musical artistic direction by Luciano Sallun, where he always researched creative ways with art and with this began with shows through Brazil. Shortly after the first 2 years, he worked for the first album Pedra Branca in 2004, and in 2006 with the second album Feijoada Polifônica where they made even bigger tours in Brazil in several artistic circuits. They toured in August 2008 at some Portuguese festivals such as Sons Festival, Boom Festival. With excellent reception of audience and media, already being a reference and admiration among the Portuguese. The group arrived in 2009 with three albums released worldwide, songs in national and international compilations and public and critical success in their presentations. In addition to music, the group acts from the beginning frequently with dances and performances interacting directly with the concepts and artistic expressions, as well as Vjs and varied artistic languages, so it can be said that a complete presentation of the group is no longer just a musical presentation but a multimedia spectacle. In 2009 they also created the show aimed at this fusion of languages, as if taking the artistic concept of music to the body arts with greater coherence and meaning, creating the show Pedra Branca Performances. They also released in 2009 the third album titled Organismo Eletrônico and also the DVD in partnership with the Company of Dances of Diadema the show Crendices, quem disse? By Ana Bottosso and musical direction of Luciano Sallun. In 2009, 2010 until early 2011 they were on tour with the album Organismo Eletrônico, some special presentations with the Pedra Branca Performances and in a show with show. In 2010 they played in the Municipal Theater of Mexico City. In 2011 they released the last cd Radio Global. In 2012 and 2013 they toured the album Radio Global. They released the fifth album in 2014 by Merkaba Music. In 2014 they played at the Le Berges Festival in Paris-FR. They are releasing their sixth and new album Religare in 2018, a launching show held at Sesc May 24 in São Paulo, Lotus Festival, Ozora Festival 2019 (Hungary).

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