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Years after his last release, spending much time to recreate and improve his creative toolset, Cord is back with a new dose of beats. His story began in the 2000s with taking part of the breakbeat scene, using his unique sound with granular effects, vocals and bass. Much later his interest was turned towards glitch influenced genres, resulting in an EP in 2005. Then he decided to improve his music process, to achieve a more colorful sound, resulting in the four tracks of Maktub.

4 tracks EP

released October 9, 2020


Sati (Sanskrit: सती / satī) is derived from the name of the goddess Sati, it is a historical practice. The track utilizes a triplet driven base around a solid bass, fitting in a brooding and dark atmosphere, filled with twisted sounds and a speech describing daily mental practice.

Maktub contains more melodic contents, a fusion of different influences. Between sampled instrumental elements, arps and synth lines create a colorful balance to drive the listener to a cordial place somewhere in the middle east.

Songbeam is a collaboration with UK midtempo producer Tryptich. It combines melancholic atmospheres and textures with driving beats and bass to create an emotive, yet funky journey.

Rainfall transforms a beautifully sad Hungarian folk song into a seven minute long psychedelic glitch-trip. With the use of vocals from Éva Takács folk singer, the track’s ending with the unedited song elements is the perfect closing for the EP.

Track 1, 2, 4 written and produced by Attila Gál
Track 3 written and produced by Attila Gál and Saam Hodivala
Track 4 vocals by Éva Takács
Mastering : Amb

Artwork : George Mézi Ács

#electronic #ambient #balkan #downtempo #dub #dubstep #glitchhop #globalbass #grooveoriental #psybass #psychedelic

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