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Cord’s journey started in the early 2000s, releasing breakbeat tracks on Hungary’s legendary Chi Recordings. As his musical tastes and creative vision evolved, Cord began to explore more psychedelic and experimental genres. With his refined music creation toolset and process, Cord’s Maktub EP was released under the courtesy of Merkaba Music in 2020. Beside psy bass music, Cord’s current path has taken him deep into the psychedelic genres born from midtempo electronic music, creating different types of psy-tech spiced with the original Cord vibes. His music is characterized by counterpointing motives and rhythmic structures, eastern melodies, and mind-tickling sounds. Cord’s music is always intended to tell a story, with long, progressing arrangements and strong melodic elements. His tracks are a fusion of different influences, featuring twisted arps and synth lines that make them both bouncing and driving. Cord’s live performances are a unique experience, falling somewhere between a DJ set and a live act. He uses his tracks creatively, resulting in a never-before-heard puzzle that always leaves the audience wanting more. Cord’s music is an impressive testament to his creative vision and his willingness to push the boundaries of electronic music.

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