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Spoq’s album “First Contact” defies conventions and shatters genre boundaries. With 10 mesmerizing tracks, this musical odyssey takes listeners on a unique and immersive experience that transcends the limits of electronic music.

Although this is a purely instrumental album, Spoq loves to create abstract narratives. “First Contact” embarks on a journey to a far future Science-Fiction world and centers around the question how humans surviving in a hostile, life-threatening alien environment would be able to deal with the universal need for affection.

Spoq’s unparalleled ability to fuse seemingly disparate elements together is the essence of “First Contact.” The tracks unfold like an otherworldly roller coaster captivating the senses. Each piece is a sonic tapestry, intricately woven with complexity and depth, leading the listener through multiple emotional states within a single track, making each moment a thrilling surprise.

10 tracks Album

released August 3, 2023


An unexpected and delightful aspect of “First Contact” is the artist’s innovative choice of instruments Solid beats, heavy basslines and synths intertwine with sampled and resampled acoustic instruments. Layered even at times with textural orchestral strings, the compositions build up to breathtaking emotional passages that elevate the album’s richness to new heights.

All tracks written and produced by Wolfram Gruss.

Mastering by Wolfram Gruss.
Artwork by Wolfram Gruss.

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