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Spoq is an electronic music project created by songwriter and composer Wolfram Gruss. Since 2014, Spoq has released a vast collection of engaging, intelligent, and experimental tracks. The project is at home in various genres, such as Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Garage, Wave, Ambient and IDM, but also ventures into new forms of sonic expression. The music is often cinematic and thought-provoking, blending acoustic and classical instruments and melodies with solid beats, crisp electronic percussion, deep synthetic basslines, and atmospheres. Wolfram frequently uses sampled found noises, which he processes into instruments, adding a unique organic feel to the compositions.

However, the project’s primary objective is to evoke contrasting emotions. The tracks are complex, both in their sonic depth and associative dramatic storytelling. Spoq knows like few others to use the power of subtelties to send his audience on an emotional rollercoaster. The music can seamlessly move from a calm and comfortable state to an outburst of surprising happiness or the darkest, saddest moods within one single track. Although Spoq’s music may appear calm at times, it has a teasing, biting edge that makes it an exceptional listening experience.

Wolfram Gruss resides in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and works full-time as a composer and sound designer for film, documentary, advertisement, interactive and live media. In addition, he releases his own tracks as Spoq, PNFA and Magnus Moone on independent and major labels.

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