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Pedra Branca


13 tracks Album

released November 25, 2014


Prodution and musical direction – Luciano Sallun
Arranje and eletronic prograns – Luciano Sallun
Recording in Flac C4 Studio by Cesar Pierri and Luis Lopes.
Mixing – Cesar Pierri
Pos-prodution – Luis Lopes

Luciano Sallun (sitar, oud, saz, badolin, mochand)
Aquiles Ghirelli (voice and didgeridoo)
Daniel Puerto Rico (berimbal, pandeiro, darbuka, frame drum, congas, udu)
Ana Colomar (sax, duduk and flute)
Ruy Rascassi (bass)
Ricardo Mingardi (druns, berimbal, congas and frame druns)

Marcelo Monteiro (sax and flute), Amilcar (trumpet), Didi (trombone) in the track Jazz Masala, Sophia, DNA, Delhi Beat Trafic.
Willian Aleixo (eletric piano)
Dj B8 (scratch)
Susane Laurent (voice) in the track Summer Night.
Cris Miguel (voice) in the track Lullaby and (accordion) in the track Bosforo.
Andre Calixto (zurna) in the track Blue Oud.

Lirycs in Summer Night by Susane Laurent.

#electronic #ambient  #glitchhop #dubstep #bassmusic #melodic #deep #chillout

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