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Liberation Movement

Before entering this realm, a group of souls came together and made a decision to unite at this time. They would spread throughout the world of the living and gather skills to bring forth a new vibration. This reunification would be known as the Liberation Movement of the Sovereign Souls and this is their Revelation.

“We Stand With You All
The Enemy Is Irrelevant
The Power Is Within Us
Let It Be Bright”
~ Noah King

Chapter One : Revelation was recorded live in one take by music engineer legend Oz Fritz at Prairie Sun Studios, CA in 2018. There were only minimal additions made to the initial live recording.

1 Single Track

released December 21, 2021


Liberation Movement is spearheaded by Grant Chambers (Resurrector of Heavyweight Dub Champion) who produces the project and performed bass, leads and pads on Moog Voyager.

Vocals performed by Noah King, a veteran of many unique projects including Tyrone’s Jacket, New Kingdom and The Commodores (founded by his father William King). This performance was nearly all improvised in the moment.

Guitar and Keys by Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia of Guatemala. Daniel is a music producer and filmmaker. He contributed to the groundswell of support to overthrow the President of Guatemala in 2015 with his powerful music video Renuncia Ya! He will be featured vocally on future LM releases.

Drums were performed by James Small. James is a veteran drummer from SF Bay Area. He is a veteran of many projects including multi Grammy Winner Fantastic Negrito.

Bass Guitar was performed by Jared Lynn May in one take but at a later date than the original recording. Jared is jazz trained musician and veteran of many projects including the Simrit Kaur Band.

The final mix was executed in Hawaii by Yaegon Lamagaia who also contributed with Production for this track. Yaegon is the founder of Merkaba Music and also known by the artist names Kalya Scintilla and Merkaba.

Cover Art: The Firm Graphics
Mastering: Merkaba Mastering

Produced by: Grant Chambers
Recorded at: Prairie Sun Studios & Champion Nation Studios
Recoding Engineers: Oz Fritz & Grant Chambers
Mixed by: Grant Chambers & Yaegon Lamagaia

Vocals: Noah King
Drums: James Small
Bass Guitar: Jared Lynn May
Guitar, Keys: Daniel Garcia
Synth Bass, Keys, Samples: Grant Chambers

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