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Liberation Movement

A Multidimensional Portal to Transmutation. Summoning the dawn of a musical revolution, Liberation Movement is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, presented live on 50 Analog Channels with live vocalists and a wide range of styles intentionally united, invoking truth to pierce through illusion. Featuring recordings and support from traditional shamanic cultures of the Amazon and beyond, LM fuses ancient technology and modern ritual in the creation of a new communal rite.

Infused with recordings of 20 Shipibo Shamans made by Resurrector over the course of 30 traditional ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon, Liberation Movement channels the healing power of the plant spirits’ Ikaros (medicine songs) with the intention of removing the veils that separate us from the vibratory pulse of the Earth.

Drawing on powerful alchemical sound devices, such as analog synths, acoustic guitar, human voice, tape delays, analog filters and consensus-reality distortion units, the Liberation Movement experience goes far beyond the limitations of laptop based performance. The live offering is a powerful transmutational synthesis of structure and improvisation—ancient and future.

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