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Zero Theory

Zero Theory is the collaborative Psydub project of Rohan Nitschke and Gareth James. Originally a solo project for Rohan that started in 2019, Zero Theory has evolved to become a joint project that involves live instruments to complement the duo’s unique style of Psychedelic Bass music production. After a lifetime of performing in bands around Australia and overseas (The Floating Bridges, Bearfoot, Battleships, AYLA), Rohan initiated the Zero Theory project as the next evolution in his musical journey after becoming interested in electronic music production. 2020 saw the worldwide release of the debut Zero Theory album, aptly titled “Arrival”. The release of this album through Canadian label Altar records, was followed by appearances at many Australian festivals including Elements festival, Rootbound festival, and AmalgaRhythmz. 2021 saw the addition of Gareth to the project to allow for an expanded live performance setup that includes live guitar, synthesiser, and percussion. Originally from Tauranga, New Zealand, Gareth had followed a simliar early life experience of playing in bands, and later initiated a solo Drum and bass DJ project (Phobik). With the Zero Theory lineup solidly set in place by the end of 2021, the duo focused on preparing new music for release. 2022 saw the release of the “Duality” EP through internationally renowned label Merkaba Music. With it’s exceptional level of production, heavy bass, layered psychedelic soundscapes, and skillful blending of traditional and contemporary instrumentation, “Duality” has been globally well received, and has resulted in return invites to Australian festivals, and interest from International festivals, and booking agents.

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