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Zenorah is the psy dub/world bass music project of Indianborn, and New Zealand based producer, Aseem.

Fortunate and grateful to experience life in 2 amazing countries, he learnt the value of cultural history, whichlead to the thirst for more! After travelling the world exploring different cultures and lands, on a journey ofself-discovery, Aseem realised the goal of his life was to create and share music.

The first musical project born was under the moniker “Jungli” making wild night time psytrance. With wide ranging musical taste and a deep love for downtempo music, Aseem felt the calling toexpress his chill side.

Zenorah draws inspiration from traditional music and melodies, ancient rhythmic instruments, harmonies from around the world and fuses them with organic textures, tribal sounds, ethnic voices, ethereal atmospheres and of course psychedelic and modern cutting edge sound design with a generous serving of phat bass.

Dedicated to blending the new with the old, Zenorah wishes to take the listener beyond time and space, into soundscapes from across the globe and into rich exotic dimensions.

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