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I Awake

12 tracks Album

released June 6, 2017


Mastering: Audible Oddities
Cover Art: Android Jones, remixed by Aeonic
All tracks written and produced by Thomas Huttenlocher except Particles (co producer Bobby West) & Trees (co producer Mikael Stegman).
Vocals: Luna Green/Leaving Earth, Emma Staarbird/Particles
Chapman stick: Per Boysen/Under the Bridge of Dreams & Particles
Final touch, basslines & mixing: Fredrik ”Ludde” Lundberg & Oskar Vladimir Alexandrei
Live drums on Zenith – Fredrik ”Ludde” Lundberg.
Good times and pre-mixing: Fredrik ”Ludde” Lundberg & Thomas Huttenlocher

#electronic #sydney #ambient #dubstep #electronic #glitchhop #classic #globalbass #psybient

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