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Yumii is a DJ, musician, performer, and sound healer from Tokyo, Japan, who incorporates her other disciplines of reiki and spiritual healing into her musical creations.
Her musical voyage began at the age of three, when she started playing the electric organ and piano. As a teenager, Yumii discovered Electronic Dance Music introducing her to a new world of mind, body, and sound and eventually igniting her passion for music.

By 2004, she embarked on an adventure as a DJ, performing at various Tokyo ‘lounge’ clubs. Through these experiences, Yumii recognized music’s healing power, thus arousing her interest in sound healing.

Yumii plays organic, electro ambient, global fusion music. In her freestyle sets, she takes listeners on an intercontinental and transcedental journey, by fusing traditional and modern music motifs from around the world, combined with a meditative spaciousness. Her unique sound choices can be compared to the visual designs of mosaics found in cathedrals, mosques, and temples.

Yumii has performed at numerous foreign festivals, including Universo Paralello (Brazil), Boom Festival (Portugal), Transahara (Morocco), PSY-FI (Netherlands), The Experience Festival (Thailand), O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary), Festival Forte (Portugal),ZNA Gathering (Portugal). In Japan, she frequently performs at Sunshine Festival, Greenmagic, Gentenkaiki, and Oneday OZORA in Tokyo.

In 2016, Yumii became involved with ZENZEN, a chill-out party organization in Japan, leading to an ever-growing demand for her sound beyond festivals. This demand prompted her collaboration with an illumination event at the Kenji Miyazawa Fairy Tale Village in Hanamaki City. In addition, she has also deejayed a tribal fashion show, deejayed on radio,
and has begun consistently organizing and deejaying ecstatic dance workshops, as well as creating custom mixes for massage salons and yoga classes. Similar to a film score, her sets tell a story and provide an atmosphere that shapes the mood of the scene.

In 2019, Yumii joined Merkaba Music, an electronic, music label based in Australia, and released a collaboration DJ mix [Essential Music of Niceness Mix] on Niceness Music, a yoga and healing music label based in Japan. Subsequently, her music has become more shamanic, celebrating the life and connectedness of all creation in the natural world.

Both in her chill-out and dance sets, Yumii’s music has gained popularity, since her intuitive, sound sculpturing expertise have the power to purify and optimize the energy fields of an event’s participants. She is a visionary, sound alchemist, who is boldly ushering in a new musical era and inspiring a greater awareness of sound vibrations’ relationship with our internal and external biosphere.

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