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Welcome to the home of Merkaba Music. We celebrate this unifying moment of incredible artisans from around the world weaving pioneering vibrations leading us into unexplored terrains of both inner and outer worlds. We invite you to explore this website and discover new music, new talents, and re-connect with some of your favorites from over the years. We aim to bring like minds and like hearts together in our passion for music, synergized dancefloors, and connoisseurs of the higher vibrations in life.

The founder of this label as many of you may know is Yaegon Lamagaia, known by many different projects: Merkaba, Kalya Scintilla, Griffin Kloud, Sonic Samadhi, DJ Yaegon, and many more to follow. This incredible producer had a vision to create a portal for upcoming artists to be supported and showcased as up and coming contributors of a greater movement we all felt passionate about. All of us, exploring how music can change our lives, our minds, and lead us back to the power of intelligence beyond linear comprehension. It is through his work and his legacy that he has been able to support this label and give voice to many artists whom are grateful to be a part of this family. 

Merkaba music just celebrated our 13th birthday this year and we continue that celebration with the launch of this new website. The momentum of this multifaceted group will continue to reveal some very special offerings as more and more join us. There are currently over 115 artists with over 230 releases and growing! 

Stay connected through our many platforms and by signing up for our newsletters. We have ongoing releases throughout the year and hope to add more in sharing about the lives of the artists that you love the most.  Creating a hub of information fused with inspiration. 

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