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Weka Tek

Weka Tek is the new solo project from Shankara NZ’s Brendan Evans.

Combining his love for deep hypnotic dub techno, Bush Prog and the sounds of Papatūānuku. Weka Teks sound is an organic hybrid that sits somewhere in-between Dubtechno, Organic House and Techno.

Drawing from his experience producing as half of Shankara NZ, Weka Tek already has releases on M45, Kosa records and remixes out on Merkaba Music, Jumpsuit Records and Golden hour records. This Weka is stepping out of the bush and onto the dancefloor to explore all things 4/4.

Expect lush basslines, deep growls, endless dub delays and otherworldly sounds seamlessly weaved together with the sounds of New Zealand’s ancient bush.

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