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Urklang is the Solo-Project of Fabian Kerschbaum, Music-Producer, Music-Coach, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Artist, Art-Therapist and DJ from Austria.

Urklang is a journey through different psychedelic styles and sub-genres from the PsyTrance- World. The main character of his music is the storytelling, zenonesque and deep progressive style which he stands for and makes you travel through different spheres and emotions, through time and space, bringing ancient feelings echoed through different worlds, filled with organic melodies, psychedelic sounds mixed with glitchy moments and driving basslines.

His first contact with making music was when he received a guitar as a gift when he was 5 years old. Since then he was captivated and knew that he want to be a musician. Over the years he learned different instruments and started producing electronic music in 2001. Producing DnB, Jungle, Dub and Tekkno and having several Reggae-Bands was an important and funny experience but not totally fulfilling for him. In 2015 he decided to make a break from public performances and his former alter egos, and started producing in his beloved genres PsyTrance and PsyDub, and founded the project Urklang.

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