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Tuatara is a Sydney-based music producer, label DJ, and creative director for Trimurti Records. His sound draws on glitch hop and bass vibes but has a decidedly acoustic touch and a psychedelic twist to it.

After years of touring in Goa and around South-East Asia, organizing forest psychedelic parties in the jungles of Thailand, and releasing numerous compilations on several independent labels, he gained enough recognition and experience to produce truly unique music that moves and satisfies demanding ears. 

Tuatara is one of the best-kept secrets in Sydney’s underground scene. His noted performances are the live sets at Dragon Dreaming and Tropical Bloom festivals to name a few. It’s time to introduce and share his signature sound with Merkaba Music punters. 

You are about to discover the unconventional ear candy with a future-proof sound design and grooves rooted in the best heritage of psychedelic culture. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for a refreshing boogie for body, mind, and soul!

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#electronic #ambient #globalbass #downtempo #psychill #globalbeats #ethno  #glitchhop #grooveoriental #psychedelic #brazil #fada

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