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Kalya Scintilla - Tribone Remix

I have waited for years to finally release this remix. I wanted to wait for the perfect time and intention to set it free.
With the original artists being Australian, and in the aftermath of the recent fires down under, I felt this was the opportune time to not only release it but use it as a catalyst for helping the healing. So I am honored to announce that 100% of profits from this song will be donated to WIRES. In the wake of the recent devastation in Australia WIRES Wildlife Rescue have been proven themselves to be really worthy of donating all the proceeds from this release. Up until now they have been able to support 79 groups on the ground, providing funding to 51 licensed rescue groups or individually licensed carers across 6 states and territories, as well as 28 WIRES Branches across NSW, and every day there are more applications being received and processed.

So enjoy this music and the knowing that it is a part of helping humans come together, helping each other and nature.

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released February 27, 2020


Tribeoriginal feat. Deya Dova by Kalya Scintilla

100% of profits donated to WIRES!!!

Remix by Tribone

#electronic #ambient #dubstep #electronic #experimental #glitch hop #gypsy #middle eastern #organic #worldmusic #psybass #globalbass #Australia

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