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Merkaba Music and Zenon records present Merkaba – Tribal Technology Pt.1 – Ancients Calling.
This is the first chapter and a two part story that dives deep into the narrative of Humanity’s disconnection from Nature and our current story of re-connection.

This is possibly Merkaba’s most deep, tribal and organic work yet with sounds of ancient drums and mother nature weaving throughout guiding us on a journey into the ancient past that lays dormant within us. More than a single collection of songs, Ancients Calling shines through the noise and static of modern life as an unfolding story that invites listeners to do more than just dance to its visceral sounds. A sonic ritual that calls memory, archetypes, and meditation to the forefront, it is a piece of musical artistry that bares the essence of trance culture’s visionary roots while paying homage to the ancestral journeys and sacrifices at the heart of the human experience.

4 tracks EP

released October 5, 2018


Expect a signature deep, hypnotic and pulsing rhythm to set the foundation over which emotive melodics and stimulating sound design dance. Once again Eve Olution weaves her storytelling spoken word into the tapestry language to guide and reveal the underlying narrative.

Ancients Calling is a subtle reminder of our ancestry and the power of connecting to all that came before.

Cover Art: Point Zero Productions
Mastering: Ido Ophir at Domestic Mastering Studios

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