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The unmistakably spacious and rhythmic vibrations of MantisMash return to Merkaba Music in 2020’s ‘Time Seeds.’ Developed amidst a year of rooting in one of the birthplaces of global electronic culture, MantisMash’s fourth full-length album delivers listeners to the sun-bathed sceneries and shimmering landscapes of Goa through nine tracks of groovy and uplifting mid-tempo psychedelia. A producer whose iconic sound gyrates between soothing waves of wobbling bass and glimmering layers of organic and technical instrumentation, MantisMash delves into the ambrosial essence of dub-laced electronica while maintaining an unmistakably upbeat energy that flows from one luminous composition to the next. Capturing atmospheres of the past, present, and future, ‘Time Seeds’ is an invitation to sonic wanderers to connect with the universal spirit of music as it dances across history and into dimensions both near and beyond.

9 tracks Album

released October 29, 2020


All tracks written and produced by MantisMash.

*Thanx to Richard Mckenzie for the Light Language spells on “Sacred Sines”.

Mastering by: UP Mastering –

Artwork by: MantisVision Art & Design

Writeup: Christian Cortes (SoundScrybe)

#electronic #ambient  #glitchhop #dubstep #bassmusic #melodic #deep #binaural #psychill #melodic #Israel

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