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The Portal: Chapter One: Hidden Dimensions is the first leap into a series of a 3-part journey. It explores the themes of transformation, growth and expansion through a connection to aesthetic and the naturally occurring patterns that music so aptly transmutes.

What is contained in an outward expansion is an array of cosmological patterns, and uniformity contained within its geometry. My quest is to, through music, to harmonise the inner reality of my experiences, for growth and development within the gamut of the human senses.

I consider music a “portal” containing the universal force of frequency, which attunes one to the natural states of existence. This beginning of a three-part work is an exploration into discovery of the hidden dimensions and possibilities in the world of sound, realizing a correlation with all of existence. Please join me in stepping into “The Portal” and journey through the landscape of frequency, to reveal the multitudes of layers of the self and beyond.

5 Tracks EP

released January 11, 2024


All tracks composed and mixed by Myles Boyd (Miramorf).

Mastering by Miramorf.
Artwork by Andreia Mendes.



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