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Tribal Alchemy

The Path Of The Warrior journals Tribal Alchemy’s personal spiritual process over the last several years, and tackles some of the most challenging concepts on the path to liberation and activation. This EP captures 4 years of Tribal Alchemy’s life, it was envisioned and initiated on the traditional land of the Djabuguay, in the jungles of far north eastern Australia, and finished on the active volcano Ruka Pillan (the house of the Gods) in Patagonian Chile, traditional land of the Mapuche.

4 tracks EP

released August 26, 2021


“My way to process difficult themes is through music, it gives me an opportunity to dive deep and distill the most crucial understandings of the human experience in to a form that can be shared and understood by anybody who has the intention. The journey to personal sovereignty requires that the ‘human self’ dies, making way for our infinite and eternal selves. It is a path for the warriors. The warriors that want to realise the greatest versions of themselves. It is a long, arduous, and incredibly painful journey of discovery and dissolution, in which the limiting foundations of communal belief structures gets upheaved, sieved, and reassembled, in to a single universal truth; Beingness. Whilst we believe ‘we’ are important, that our discovery and development of our human identities is paramount to life, we will be forever destined to play on the limited field of the mortal ‘self’. The path of the immortal warrior is to realise that in any moment, our true selves are untouched by the passings of daily life. Our true nature is infinite, but the ‘human self’ is tightly finite.
What inspires our ‘human’ endeavours, what inspires us to move forward, our desires, must fall away leaving a life of service where no ‘self’ can exist.”

In Australia, the indigenous rite of passage for men is to go on a spiritual and physical quest of solitude where they live outside the containment of their people. This is known as Walkabout and can last several months of living on, and surviving with, nature. Stripping away all that isn’t real, leaving just the foundations for existence. For this reason, the opening track takes us on a Walkabout and we join the journey on the first night of solitude, starting of a sacred fire without tools before embarking on a journey in to the mind. The theme is that in order to really live limitlessly, “we” have to first die. Through the death of identity/ego/human mind, our infinite selves can guide our existence.

Sakura opens with a poem (in Japanese), which translates to “in my life I suffered a lot. But none of that suffering was real. It only existed in the mind. None of it touches my true divine self, just the human identity”. Suffering is a choice, a choice that gives our identities more fuel to believe in their importance. But none of this touches our divine spark, that flame burns on unaware of the ‘human’ reality.

Movement captures Tribal Alchemy’s time in western Africa. The focus of this piece is to ground ourselves with movement, stomping on the ground and setting roots in to the physical plane. It features tribal polyrhythms that were traditionally used for this purpose. The pure primordial potential of rhythm and dance is an important facet of human connection with the infinite.

And lastly, The Long Shadow represents northern India and looks at the extensive shadow that our ego casts over our infinite selves. A shadow that obscures our connection to source, to ourselves.

“All of this is a game, all of this is ourself”.

It is with deep gratitude and honour that Tribal Alchemy invites us on epic this journey through time, space and consciousness.


All tracks written, arranged and produced by Tribal Alchemy.

Track 1: featuring Riverwind (didgeridoo) Track 2: featuring Satoshi (vocals) and The Cosmic Shaman (vocals)
Track 4: spoken word from Mooji (see his work here

Album Art: Oil on canvas by Kashi Visionary Art (
Mastering: Will @ Sonic Alchemy Studio

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