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The Flying Mars

Unusual and alternative sounds, experimentation in rhythm and melodic alterations: all of this is The Flying Mars project. Mario En-gel, hailing from the green valleys in the middle of the Swiss Alps, was always in contact with different genres and had a good earfor many kinds of music. Now, with his “The Flying Mars” project he wants to channel all of his auditory and composing experiences into a mind-bending mix of creativity, giving his contribution to the already variegated world of electronic music.

The Flying Mars combines Psy-Dub, Ambient, Psy-Chill, as well as Drum & Bass and Psy-Trance, with flowing rhythms and deep bass lines. Through variations, mixing, tests and sonic atom splitting, The Flying Mars’s project strives to simultaneously stimulate mind, body and soul.

The creator of the project, José, from Mexico City, began to have contact with electronic music production in approximately 2005, and today he has performed at the main electronic music festivals in the country.

His releases include labels such as Merkaba Music, Iono Music, Ibidelyc Recordings, Uxmal Records, among others.

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