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Mixed by Kalya Scintilla

The Textures series showcases the diverse and eclectic shades of Merkaba Music, selected from the depths of the label catalog.

Mix 1:07:00

released January 1, 2019


My background is steeped in musical journeys, from playing in high school rock and funk bands to DJing vinyl for 7+ years and then entering the world of live electronic music, I love the art of piecing together a tapestry of sounds and music to carry the listener through an emotional and textural landscape. Last year I took a big breath and a big long look at the journey of Merkaba Music and realized what an incredibly large and diverse catalog had been created. I imagined a passionate music lover, or crate digger as we were called in the vinyl scene, coming across this immense co-creation of music and art and feeling a little overwhelmed. The real devoted ones would dive right in knowing that it might be hours of searching to get through it all and other might just listen to a few and bookmark it for another day.
So I decided to create some label mixes to showcase a wide variety and diversity of the content on the label. It started out as a mini series of 3 or 4 mixes but as I dug deeper into the catalogue I realized that it would take at least 8 stories to capture what I intended.
I spend months putting together groups of tracks and then in March of 2018 while having some down-time in Bali I set up a couch and small DJ table overlooking a beautiful Balinese tropical garden where I was staying. I then immersed myself in the music and nature and mixed these 8 musical journeys live in the moment to capture the essence of Merkaba Music and its journey over the years.
– Yaegon Lamagaia (Kalya Scintilla, Merkaba, label creator)

Cover art: Aeonic

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