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Symbolic & Zen Mechanics

Symbolic is the brainchild of top notch producer Ilan Shemi. Mid 2011 saw the project take shape under one and only rule: only the purest and best psychedelic progressive trance will make the cut. Symbolic’s unique production skills and unequaled talent for understanding the dancefloor, quickly made him a recognizable figure in the psychedelic scene throughout the world ever since the first taste, Crystal Clear, came out on a compilation by Ace Ventura on Iboga Records.

A force to be reckoned with, Symbolic’s sound has become synonymous with heavy basslines that move the feet, crunchy grooves that move the hips, hypnotizing melodies that turn the brain on itself and make the body act on its own. Massive collaborations with top producing wizards such as Liquid Soul, Zen Mechanics, Ace Ventura have already emerged, and with tracks and skills that keep on evolving and moving, a certainty that the best is yet to come keeps on ringing true. What was great shall be greater.

Zen Mechanics is the project of Wouter Thomassen, undoubtedly the biggest and most diverse Psytrance talent to come out of the Dutch scene in later years. Coming from a very musical family, Wouter has always been curious for new sounds, and he started DJ’ing different forms of electronic music in 1994, but eventually, after being turned on by the psychedelic squat parties happening in Amsterdam in the mid-nineties, ended up as a loyal follower of the goa trance/psychedelic trance scene.

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