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Sylph is the electronic project of New York native Emily Thaler. Her music spans a myriad of genres, though her particular psychedelic and highly linguistic thumbprint is apparent throughout her discography.
Growing up in a musical family, she had an early passion for creating music. Starting out as a pianist and singer-songwriter, she gravitated towards electronic music in her early teenage years, and developed an obsession with production. She went on to study Music Technology at NYU Steinhardt, delving deeper into sound design and music theory, ultimately releasing her debut EP, “Alien Speak”, as her Senior Capstone project in 2018.
Alongside her music production, composition and sound design, Emily is deeply interested in science and philosophy. Her research into quantum physics, cosmology, and psychology particularly inspire her music; she hopes her music can express the excitement she feels about the vastness of our inner and outer universe, and the patterns we encounter throughout.
Fundamentally, Emily believes that music is a language. She seeks to create her own personalized syntax through the organization and design of morphing, alien sounds operating under the belief that when done correctly, sound design and organization can unlock our brain’s primordial predisposition to language, long before we ever learned a specific dialect. She believes that this can be a window into the present moment, like meditation, and remind us of our inherent connection to one another.

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