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In turbulent times moments of peace and tranquility can be our allies. Finding presence and stillness through music gives us the opportunity to find calm in the midst of the wildest storms. Label chief Yaegon aka: Sonic Samadhi, gathered this collection of songs with these intentions in mind and heart.
Soothe the Soul brings together a deeply moving, calming and sometimes confronting journey of songs compiled by many label veterans, friends and a few newcomers. Purposefully compiled to tell a story so that the journey taken from start to finish is a coherent story that holds the listener in a safe cocoon of sound.
Take time to Soothe the Soul.

15 tracks Compilation

released September 15, 2022


Track 5: Ossian Reynolds on guitar

Cover Art by Yaegon Lamagaia
Mastering by Yaegon Lamagaia

#electronic #sydney #ambient #healing #psychedelic #Australia

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