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Chronos & OkoloSna

Sonos Mosaic (Sound Mosaic) is a dynamic collection of 8 tracks – the result of two year collaboration studio work & live playing on festivals around the globe.
It covers worldwide ethnic culture – from Gregorian voices & Serbian woman singing to throat Tuvian & Indian roots, from Birmian man singing to European traditions & ancient Haka rituals chanted by actual voices of Northern cultures.

Get ready for journey of ancient mystical atmospheres and powerful grooves!

8 tracks Album

released April 10, 2018


Written & produced by Nick Klimenko & Alexander Pavlovich in Timeworks (Chronos Studio) & Okolosna Studio.
Mastering by: Audible Oddities
Voice in “You May Shine” – Anna Kondakova
Guitar in “You May Shine” – Anton Salikov
Haka voices from “Haka Your Life” – from the ancient tribal rituals.

#electronic #sydney #ambient #dubstep #electronic #glitchhop #dub #futurebass #Russia

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