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Markūs Myō-on Mārs (they/them) is an electric violinist, live looping artist, and founder of Audible Peace Meditation Ceremonies (APMC™). Their genres can best be described as minimalism, ambient, and world fusion.
Originating from the picturesque Austrian Alps, Markūs embarked on their musical journey in the 1980s, starting with classical violin training that evolved into a diverse exploration of jazz, rock, blues, and world fusion. At age 12, they began composing for and conducting chamber and symphonic orchestras, infusing electronic music elements into traditional ensembles.

In the early 2000s, Markūs fused their love for electronic music with mastering the electric violin and electronic drums, creating a distinctive style characterized by percussive beats generated on the violin’s body. As part of the award-winning progressive rock IDM duo Fatmagic, they achieved notable success in the 2010s, releasing multiple albums, gaining recognition on international charts, and touring internationally.

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