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Soloe is the artistic brainchild of producer, Suhas Srinivas based in Bangalore, India.

With a unique blend of ethereal elements, organic soundscapes, and gritty electronic sound design, his music draws inspiration from genres such as downtempo, halftime, trip hop, and psychedelic bass. Soloe’s music transcends typical categorization and offers listeners a truly immersive and captivating experience.

Having a passion for music production since his teenage years, Suhas has honed his skills and broadened his perspective as a producer and sound designer after obtaining a degree in music technology from Icon Collective College of Music in Los Angeles, California.

Launched in 2023, with intricate creations and unwavering commitment to quality, Soloe uses his productions to offer listeners a window into his creative world with a focus on capturing the deeper emotions behind the music.

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