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Shatter Spell invokes the electric force of change into our lives. Let us rage against the dying of the light and shatter the spells that do not serve us.

Shatter Spell was made over a year with collaborations across the world. Some of the worlds greatest instrumentalists poured their heart into this album. Marya Stark brings her tounges of chaos on many of these tracks to invoke the mythic. As you step into the world of the Octarin Eyes remember, the deeper you listen the deeper the journey.

9 tracks Album

released November 8, 2017


Subaqueous presents his 7th album, Shatter Spell. The album undulates through pulsing rhythms and swirling melodies to bring the listener to a hypnogogic state. It asks us to deeply look to the shadows within and take the steps needed into the light.

Composition and production by Isaac Cotec
Vocals by Marya Stark:

Added instrumentation by:
Boaz Drum
Khatchadour Khatchadourian:
Kr3TURE a.k.a. Krikor Andonian: and

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