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Alpha Hypnotica

This EP is a musical expression of the recent phase on our spiritual path. Shaktopaya (or Śāktopāya) is the middle stage on the way to eliberation, when the aspirant uses his mind and the energies (Shakti) to reach enlightenment. These compositions tell a story of a specific transcendental experience written intuitively into these notes. Unique arrangements try to describe the whole process of a journey: Starting from a meditative state getting slowly into Samadhi, then building up with immense intensity, reaching the peak of the bliss and coming down as a wondrous catharsis.

5 tracks EP

released September 2, 2022


From the musical aspect it’s a special release for this young couple (Tomin & Emerencia) as this is the first EP ever of their project called Alpha Hypnotica. Intricate ideas and melodies here have been produced mostly with analog synths and acoustic instruments such as koshi or rainstick. Combining these with own-recorded sounds from nature and orchestral elements this unique deep and mystic atmosphere is created, which pervades all the recordings. Comprehensive textures and dynamic vertical energies indicate that understanding of the Universal Consciousness with the mind is nearly impossible.

All tracks composed by Tomas Tomovic.
Emerencia Tomovic: Co-composer, Vocalist.

Mastering by Tomin Tomovic.
Artwork by Emerencia Tomovic.

#electronic #ambient #balkan #downtempo #dub #dubstep #glitchhop #globalbass #grooveoriental #psybass #psychedelic

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