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Painting the air with sounds since the age of 6, Liran (a.k.a Sensativa) was always drawn to the magic path shown by melodies, the emotions in harmonies, and the endless textures possible via the string, the synth and the computer.

And so, growing up he did whatever it took, from soldering cables to playing classical music on the guitar, from teaching himself how to program music unto learning from higher plant spirits lessons in music.. He was so enchanted by the deep expression made possible through the collision of notes, the beauty in intervals and chord progressions , he began mapping each chord and progress to a specific feeling, color or vision, later combining that with a texture of a sound, only to have the emotional intention dig deeper and lift higher.. being a super hyper sensitive person while being completely in love with the fusion of acoustic and electronic music , he found it to be his way for navigating himself through the frustrations of this rough world, his own dark labyrinth of the mind , the gushing waves of the heart , and beyond, into the healing space where everything is simply expressed without the finite value of words.. where the insaner it gets , the saner you become.. where true release is actually possible.

This personal treasure map must be a gift worth sharing. And so, this is sensativa. Its not always happy but its not always dark, there might be a joke hidden inside and there might be a scalpel, ready to cut through so that real healing could find its way. its true and filled with, just like an open heart is, a rainbow of feelings. On the stage there is always live instruments, delicious musical stories and deep journeys. 

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