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Mother of all ~ healing and guiding us through the complex patterns of rhythm.
This is your guide for an alternative insight of harmony from the organic life to the astral plains, inside and outside.
A planet goes together with the universe as much as a cell in our body. This is where we can finally manifest the awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. The Symphony of life and existence revealed to us by the quantic mother.

5 tracks EP

released August 14, 2019


The idea for this album came up in a magical gathering with an electrifying band playing on stage, transmitting sounds from one soul to another and amazing vibes all around. It felt like a ritual, there were no desires, no thoughts, and no pain. Just “being” state of mind. The whole place was one pulsating free flow groove and right after, in “Coam” studio, a very deep process began.
A special bridge was created between amazing musicians who contributed their gift to this album and helped grow this new spiritual tribal movement.

All tracks written and produced by Amit Marco.
Additional performances by:
Charlie Sabach – Electric Guitar
Ranjani Ramachandran – Vocals
Sunil Avachat – Bansuri Flute
Roni Parnass – Percussion
Zohar Argov (RIP) – Vocals
Alon Azizi – Contrabass

Mastering : Itai Argaman at TunEnvision Studios.
Artwork: Joshua Mays
Graphic Design: Avshalom David (Tiptip)
Biography: Ofir Mitrani, Avital Faibis Marco

#electronic #ambient #balkan #downtempo #dub #dubstep #glitchhop #globalbass #grooveoriental #psybass #psychedelic #Israel

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