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Lu Tze

Our senses are primary inputs that provide essential information for subjective learning. By sensing wavelengths through sensory perception, transducing them into electrical signals via our nervous system and converting them into colors, sounds, taste, and feelings through our lens of perception, we realize that there’s knowledge that can only be acquired through direct experience.

Carbon units have unbelievably complicated networks of inputs and outputs, clearly highly advanced technology capable of processing audio, visuals, parallel processing, storage and so much more. But while machines operate and can be understood, consciousness is unlike any other phenomenon we have discovered so far. The infinity of our inner world goes beyond any comprehension. We are like a membrane that separates two realms… like a flowing river that separates this world from the next.

4 tracks EP

released November 2, 2023


All tracks composed and mixed by Rodrigo Botelho Pereira ( Lu Tze)

Rusty (guitar in Silk Road)
Marco Rosa (violin in Microscopic)

Mastering by James Dagless @ Planet Bob Music Emporium
Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart –


© all rights reserved

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