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Step into this mesmerizing realm of sonic alchemy with the release of the groundbreaking album “Ouro Sobre Azul” crafted by YONILINGA. This auditory masterpiece, now available on Merkaba Music Records, transports listeners to an other world dimension where psychill, glitch hop, and global bass intertwine with tribal influences, creating a celestial tapestry of sound that transcends conventional music.

Crafted by a visionary artist (Filipe Dias) whose name echoes through the cosmos, “Ouro Sobre Azul” is a testament to the boundless possibilities of musical exploration. Each track is a portal into a unique sonic universe, where mystical and etherical sounds converge, guided by the artist’s profound connection to the cosmic vibrations and frequencies that shape our existence.

The album unfolds like a sacred ceremony, inviting listeners to embark on a spiritual journey. The psychill elements provide a soothing backdrop, creating an atmosphere of tranquility that serves as the foundation for the entire sonic odyssey. As the glitch hop beats emerge, they bring a rhythmic pulse that mirrors the heartbeat of the universe itself.

7 Tracks Album

released February 2, 2024


Global bass rhythms weave seamlessly into the fabric of the album, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and musical traditions around the world. This fusion of sounds not only bridges the gaps between genres but also connects listeners on a global scale, reminding us of our shared humanity with ancient futuristic sounds.

The tribal influences embedded within each track evoke ancient rituals and ceremonies, awakening a primal connection to the earth. The artist skillfully incorporates tribal chants, percussion, and instrumentation, creating a sonic landscape that feels both ancient and futuristic. The result is a musical experience that transcends time, inviting listeners to connect with their roots while exploring uncharted sonic territories.

At the heart of “Ouro Sobre Azul” lies the mystical essence of music, a force that goes beyond mere auditory pleasure. Ethereal sounds, like whispers from other dimensions, dance through the compositions, inviting contemplation and introspection. The cosmic vibes emanating from each note transport the listener to a celestial plane, where the boundaries between the self and the universe dissolve.

Track 3 (Pixel Matrix) feat. Marco Rosa (violin)
Track 5 (Golden Boy) feat. Patrick Ferreira(clarinet)
Track 4 (Ouro sobre Azul) feat. Lua Sarai Dias(my daughter)
Tracks 6 & 7 (Inner Temple & Sacred Geometry) collab with Jose Ascui (Dejalum) from Mind Spring

Mastering by Merkaba Mastering
Artwork by Filipe Dias

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