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Summit Jaffe, aka Numatik, delivers fresh timeless sonic expressions of love and gratitude. Currently nestled in the ancient mountains of Appalachia, Summit has been delving ever deeper into its creative outlets on a mission of self-discovery and development. After experimenting and learning the intricacies of analogue synthesis at a very young age, he became enthralled by the infinite creative potential of digital production.

Through spiritual practices, ancient medicinal plants and the synchronized cosmic flow, Summit has smoothly entered a deeper awareness of what it means to be here on Earth. Numatik is a project that brings together his spiritual awareness and tactical knowledge of production, resulting in deeply connected soundscapes, pulsing with ever-evolving freshness. Cultivating sacred sound space, Numatik transforms dance floors into vessels for the free expression of the divinity within us, guided by music infused with the organic sounds of breath, natural sounds, shamanic vocals and occasional ethnic instrumentation.

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