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NÜHO ~ This collaborative project is brought to you by two french producers aiming to push the frontier between electronic music genres. Nils D, from Toulouse, is an electronic music producer, DJ and guitarist. He organizers ghetto funk and glitch parties with his crew “The Rump Shakers” in underground places in his hometown, and plays every kind of trippy groovy electronic music under the name “Slumpy”. Alain L, born and raised near Paris, is a bass performer and a multi instrumental composer. He’s the founder of the electro dub project “Step High”, released under the “Altar Records” label. The diversity of his side projects feed him to combine different kinds of music. They met during a night out in Paris in 2011 and, a few years later, when Alain decided to live in Toulouse, they got acquainted and began to produce music together. Their different influences tie up the project around a common taste for psychedelism and deep grooves. They choose to picture a sea turtle to lead the artistic dimension and make this aquatic kind of mid tempo progressive techno.

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