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Deep In Mind

Nereids is the latest LP from Deep In Mind, known for their unique blend of traditional music instruments and electronic sounds. The album will be released on Merkaba Music and features 8 tracks, each with its own distinctive sound and vibe. The title of the album “Nereids” is inspired by the mythological sea nymphs who’re said to inhabit the Aegean Sea. The music on the album is intended to evoke the beauty and mystery of the ocean, with tracks that range from ambient and introspective to Psy Chill and Psy Dub.

8 tracks Album

released March 2, 2023


Written, Produced & Mixed by: Bjorn Alpha & Marios Podaras (Deep In Mind).

Track 4 – Feat. Weronika Kijewska aka Wera
Melina Atreidou

Mastering by Merkaba Mastering
Artwork by Manymanyz

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