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Kalya Scintilla

Mumijo, a Sanskrit word for natures blessing known to us as shilajit. This mineral rich substance oozes from the mountains of the Himalayas. A healing magic given to those seeking health and well being. We were honored to say yes to collaborating with Pürblack who asked if we would imbue prayer into this special new product called ‘White Rabbit’; Shilajit infused with herbal and mineral medicines keyed to open gateways of healing for us all.
In a world in need of nature’s blessing more now than ever, it was an honor to sit and dedicate this album to the earth and her cures. We sing the songs of remembrance to re unite our minds with the body to open the doors of awakening.

The creation of this album was approached in a different way from our previous works. The backbone of the album was made with an orchestra of analog and digital hardware drum machines and synthesizers, combined with percussion and instruments in a live studio jam.

8 tracks Album

released June 21, 2023


Produced, arranged, and mixed by Kalya Scintilla
Percussion and Instruments – Kalya Scintilla
Spoken Word, Backing Vocals: Eve de Voke

Mastering: Audible Oddities
Cover art: Abzzolum

#electronic #ambient #dubstep #electronic #experimental #glitch hop #gypsy #middle eastern #organic #world music #Australia

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