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Mindex channels landscapes from a far off planet, whose creatures and inhabitants travel light-years to reach the listener’s third eye and ear. His complex abilities with sound production allow him to draw every shape, color and movement with it’s own unique character, taking form in melodic patterns, textured layers, and extremely detailed automations of modern synthesizers and effects to create a 4 dimensional topography for your mind to digest.

He carefully constructs crystalline grids of sonic geometry into moments in time. Combining elements of every style of electronic and acoustic music, he has acquired his own recognizable signature sound that makes the dance floors shake with heavy bass along with catchy beats and leads. At the moment, the galactic rabbit hole he has gone down is dominated by influences of Jazz, Funk, Classical Music, Middle Eastern Music, Glitch-Hop and Dubstep.

Mindex has played his euphonious tunes around the globe at many indoor and outdoor festivals and shows in Russia, USA, Ukraine, Spain, Turkey, Israel, India, and Indonesia.

In April 2014 he opened for 30 Seconds to Mars for a crowd of over 15,000 in St. Petersburg.

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