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Dive into the textural, squelchy, funk-infused world of Aquiver, a talented producer from Tel Aviv, Israel.
The focus here is solid groove, jazz and funk sensibilities, and alien technology, with a dash of humor for good measure.
This journey takes us from laid back sunny afternoon vibes and then sucks us through a portal to other worlds, drenched with stimulating sound design and insect-like gibberish.
While complex, the sounds are never too much, and everything falls in the ‘right’ place, giving space for your mind to relax and emotions to expand.
We are pleased for you to get to know ‘Little Grubbies’. They are friendly, multidimensional and fun!

7 tracks Album

released December 3, 2020


Gil Isaac on Electric Guitar & Saxophone on Track 1.

Artwork: MUTE Illustration
Mastering: Ascended Mastering

#electronic #ambient  #glitchhop #dubstep #dub #bassmusic #melodic #deep #psybient #psybass #psychill #israel

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