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“Lightbringers” is inspired by multidimensional realms and adventures in India and Bali. These music journeys were channeled and composed with light-hearted inspiration and offer guidance to high frequencies and harmonious states.

The Lightbringer is a celestial radiant being often depicted in various mythologies across cultures as a symbol of enlightenment, guidance, and hope. It is often portrayed emanating a warm and luminous glow that pierces through darkness, both literal and metaphorical.

Lightbringer’s presence is associated with significant transformative events, guiding heroes on their quests, or heralding the dawn of a new era. Whether portrayed as a deity, an angelic being, or a mythological figure, the Lightbringer embodies the balance between light and darkness, offering hope and inspiration, as a service to those on the path of awakening.

4 Tracks EP

released February 15, 2024


All tracks composed and mixed by Anastasia Fusionista.

Original Poetry by Luke Brown @lukebrownart
Original vocal by Fusionista @fusionistamusic

Duduk by Dmitry Soul @dmitry.soul

Hang Drum by Artur Akhmedeev @arturaxmedeev
Didgeridoo Alexey Mago @alexey_mago

Mastering by Merkaba Mastering.
Artwork by Luke Brown.

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