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Organic sound architecture for the mind, body, and spirit. Dynamic, multidimensional, and cinematic; perfect for entering a zen state of mind. By gathering nature sounds, chants, gongs, and Tibetan singing bowls from across the world from traveling, and adding it to the music, it has added a whole new dimension to energy, and creates a more visual experience, allowing the imagination to drift and expand. Sprinkling in subtle, psychedelic foley, ties it all together, giving more emotional depth and feel to the each song. Great for meditation, yoga, relaxation, and creating harmonious environments. Take some deep breathes, create a sacred place, and enjoy this meditative journey.

6 tracks EP

released March 20, 2017


Written, Produced, Mixed by Ashton Robertson
Art by Aeonic Art:
Mastering by Audible Oddities:

#electronic #sydney #ambient #dubstep #electronic #glitchhop #healing #meditative

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