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Khazaar, a distinctive figure in the electronic tribal dance music scene, is renowned not only as a skilled producer but also as a multi-instrumentalist and an Ecstatic Dance DJ. His musical odyssey commenced with mastering a diverse array of instruments, including electric and acoustic guitars, piano and an assortment of middle-east percussion. This instrumental prowess later melded seamlessly with his exploration and mastery of contemporary electronic dance music production techniques.

Simultaneously, Khazaar’s artistic evolution has been deeply intertwined with a profound engagement with various cultural and spiritual practices. His dedication to yoga, shamanism, and psychoanalysis has enriched his artistic perspective, infusing his musical creations with a depth and authenticity that transcends mere sound.

Khazaar’s unique production style stands out for its harmonious fusion of the robust, low-frequency beats typical of modern dance music with the organic essence and spiritual resonance of ancient sacred melodies and rhythms. This synthesis results in an immersive auditory experience that is both grounding and elevating, reflecting his deep connection to both the ancestral and the avant-garde.

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