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As we transcend the thresholds of “The Portal,” the journey deepens into realms unexplored. “Breaking Through” beckons us to push beyond the confines of the known, to venture into the uncharted territories of our innermost being.

In this chapter, the melodies morph into gateways, inviting us to shatter the barriers of perception and delve into the essence of existence itself. Each chord resonates with the promise of liberation, guiding us towards the revelation of our truest selves.

Join Miramorf currents of sound, forging a path through the symphony of creation. Together, let us break through the constraints of the mundane and unveil the boundless potential that lies within “The Portal.”

5 Tracks EP

released May 2, 2024


All tracks composed and mixed by Myles Boyd (Miramorf).

Mastering by Miramorf.
Artwork by Andreia Mendes.

#electronic #ambient #balkan #downtempo #dub #dubstep #glitchhop #psybass #psychill  #globalbass #psychedelic #Australia


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